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<<--  Entry for:  October   10, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   10, 2017 With all the recent new arrivals, Tamiyoi, Malima and Godoma were sharing one big stockade. After the older new arrival passed away however, Tamiyoi was moved back into that stockade so she could continue looking after her neighbour, Pili. Malima was left in the stockade with Godoma and she had a very long night as Godoma was being very selfish. She didnít share the greens with her nor let Malima enjoy her milk bottles in peace. Every time she approached the food she shoved her away and because of this, Malima yelled throughout the whole night until morning. She was relieved and happy when their gate was opened in the morning!

Tagwa and Maramoja seem to be taking turns babysitting Pili today. During the morning it was Tagwa but for the whole of the afternoon it was Maramoja watching over Pili. We watched on as we saw Maramoja walk little Pili away from everyone else and prepare some loose soil using her feet. She then pulled the little boy directing him to lie down and then she moved to stand over him, keeping him under her belly while she dusted him some more. Pili napped there for more than 40 minutes while the big girl just sheltered him. When it came to his milk time Maramoja blocked the keepers from waking him up though in the end she relented and allowed the baby to go for his milk bottle.

Maktao left mud bath with the first group but somewhere on the way back to the forest he decided to turn around and he came running back to join the older herd for another mud bath.

Ngilai decided to guard and protect the keepers during their lunch break from the warthogs - any of them that came close to try and get a piece of their lunch he chased away back into the bushes, allowing the keepers to enjoy their lunch in peace.

Tamiyoi scratching her trunk

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