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<<--  Entry for:  October   17, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   17, 2017 It was very hot during the public visit today, especially when the second group came in to enjoy their milk bottles, which meant they all rushed into the mud pool to cool their bodies down. Malkia and Ndotto were showing off and demonstrated a funny way of going into the mud by going in backwards and sliding in. This unique style was then copied by Mbegu, Pare, Lasayen and Sana Sana. The visitors really enjoyed watching them play in the mud pool and roll around, but their laughter was cut short when Malkia came running out of the mud pool and bumped into those standing close to the rope. She playfully walked to the other side of the rope and targeted a water bottle being held by one of the visitors. She tried to grab it from them and the poor unsuspecting person dropped it, not wanting to get covered in mud by Malkia! Before she could pick the bottle up however, the keepers were there and brought her back to the right side of the rope, where she once again went into the mud pool and enjoyed the rest of her time there with the others, all except Kauro who is not such a fan of mud bathing.

Malima, Esampu, Kuishi and Ambo

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