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<<--  Entry for:  October   2, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  October   2, 2017 Mbegu’s motherly nature seems to cover everyone and all species. Today the warthogs were in Maxwell’s lucerne trough which seemed to upset him. Not only were they eating his food but they were wasting it as well, spilling it everywhere. He tried to chase them away and some did run away, but some naughty ones stayed. Maxwell decided to teach them a lesson and pinned one against the wall of his stockade. The elephants orphans were already walking out to the forest but when Mbegu heard the warthog shouting she ran back, charging towards Maxwell’s pen. She charged and trumpeted at Maxwell where he had the warthog pinned until he let it go. Esampu, Ngilai, Malkia and Ndotto had also arrived to help save the situation but arrived to find it was already resolved. They turned and ran back to the forest in an excitable mood.

It was warm enough for a mud bath today and Emoli really enjoyed playing in it like the others; he really seems to love them these days. He ran in there very quickly after his milk bottle to join the others, but when it was time to return to the forest he seemed to get stuck in the middle. When Godoma saw him struggling and shouting for help she tried to help him but in vain. This forced the keepers to wade into the mud to help him out, and Godoma was very happy when he was out the other side.

Mbegu has a lovely caring nature

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