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<<--  Entry for:  October   26, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   26, 2017 The day began as usual with the orphans walking out to the forest with their keepers. As they moved deeper into the forest Godoma, Sana Sana, Kuishi and Emoli went slightly off course but they didnít know that buffalos were grazing behind the bushes. When Godoma saw the buffalos she raised the alarm, which drew the attention of the other orphans; there was a lot of trumpeting and bush bashing as the four ran for safety to where the rest of the orphans and the keepers were. Malkia and Godoma ran behind Emoli, trying to protect the little one who was desperately trying to keep up with Kuishi. He cried out which Mbegu heard and in her capacity as the Nursery Matriarch it was her duty to investigate. She ran over in the direction of the cry for help with her ears raised and trumpeting very loudly. Kauro and Ngilai also joined her. Upon seeing Mbegu run through the buses, the buffalos decided to run for safety but she, Ndotto, Malima, Malkia, Godoma and others pursued them to make sure they were really gone. The keepers ran to keep up with the orphans as they crashed through the bushes and stamped around. After some time they managed to restore peace and quiet amongst the babies, although Sagalla and Sapalan took awhile longer to settle.

Godoma walking into the forest

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