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<<--  Entry for:  October   27, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  October   27, 2017 The orphans walked out to the forest this morning as usual, although little Pili did not accompany them today due to poor health. The babies looked jovial, playful and happy. After the 9am milk feed the keepers walked the orphans further into the forest to look for greener pasture and Kiko followed them too, although from a distance and making several stops to feed on different trees.

It was a sunny day today so most of the babies seized the opportunity to wallow in the mud bath during the public visit. Enkesha, Godoma, Maktao, Sattao and Malkia seemed to enjoy the mud the most and were splashing so vigorously it reached the visitors who shouted Ė some with excitement and others in complaint at having their clothes made dirty. Before their time at the mud bath area was over the keepers managed to calm the orphans down. Musiara didnít want to play in the mud but just wanted to be with his keepers, moving from one to another to say hello.

Just after lunch time, we received the sad news about Piliís passing as he succumbed to his illness. He will be much missed as he was a lovely little elephant.
Maramoja, who is showing very good motherly qualities these days, was hanging around little Makato and helping him spray himself with dust. Malkia was watching and wanted to help little Maktao as well but this annoyed Maramoja who pushed her away. Malkia did not give up though and she pushed back, but Mbegu came over to intervene and separate them.

Kiko going out to the forest

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