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<<--  Entry for:  October   31, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   31, 2017 Kiasa spent her first night under full observation and protection from her new loving human family and was really enjoying the milk formula that was slowly but surely rejuvenating her and improving her condition. During the night she was happy to exchange greetings with Maktao through the partition in their stable and this really helped calm Kiasa and help her settle into her new environment too.

During the public visit this morning as the first group of orphans were walking back out to the forest after their milk feed and play around the mud hole, the temperature was really felt to soar high and the older orphans walked down flapping their ears like mad to keep cool. Even the greedy elephants like Ndiwa, Mundusi and Pare who always run like mad to get to their milk bottles first, were just sauntering down because they felt it was too hot to run. When they came in, some like Pare and Mundusi only drank their first bottle before running to the mud pool to splash some water behind their ears, before eventually going back for their second. Pare had barely finished his second bottle when he turned back to the mud bath and started splashing himself again. When the keeper walked up to him to plead with him to finish his bottle, Pare just turned his back and through more mud over his back, which ended up hitting the milk bottle and the keeper right in the face! This made all the visiting public laugh and eventually Pare turned back for the bottle when he felt he was finally cool enough; on his own terms!

Maktao walking out

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