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<<--  Entry for:  October   5, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  October   5, 2017 Some of the orphans like to walk off from the keepers but others do not do this as much and when they do, it will be noticed almost immediately. Today as the orphans started to fan out in the forest in their different groups, Mbegu walked off with Tamiyoi and soon we noticed that Tamiyoi was making her way back to the stockades. The keepers watched her from afar to see what she was up to. When she reached the stockades she wanted to see if there were any keepers there who would send her back to the forest, and she walked up to the milk-mixing area to check. Having confirmed there weren’t any she walked back up to Sapalan’s gate where she had a bit of a conversation with her before moving on to Namalok where she didn’t spend too much time before proceeding on to Sagala’s gate. Here she went into Mteto’s pen next door where she could interact with Sagala better and they had a lengthy conversation, with Saglla looking calm and relaxed in Tamiyoi’s company. Tamiyoi then, having seemingly accomplished her mission, ran back to the forest in a hurry to find the rest of the herd. The herd had moved much further into the forest from where she had left them, and she started running up and down and trumpeting loudly to find her friends. Jotto and Esampu heard her calling and responded by trumpeting and running towards her as well.

Funny little Tamiyoi

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