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<<--  Entry for:  October   6, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   6, 2017 Whenever there is a new little one introduced to the others at the Nursery, the older females will fight amongst themselves to win the little ones affection and mother it. The others will always envy the winner of the little ones affection as well, and we have seen this with one of the babies today as well. Malkia, Godoma, Esampu, Tagwa and Mbegu have all been trying to take the baby by their side but Tagwa was selected as the adopted mother. This morning and many other times too, when Pili arrives in the forest all the girls come running over to pull him under their neck or pat and hug him, but when they are done he just puts his trunk up in the air to try and find Tagwa. He is always happy when he finds her and settles by her side, rumbling happily as he suckles on her ears. Today Godoma kept trying to pull the little one away from Tagwa but he was fine by her side. She then started pushing Tagwa to try and move her away and out of respect Tagwa was happy to move, but still the little one followed her. On the other hand little Sattao is feeling rather neglected by Tagwa now, as she used to look after him the most. When the keepers are not watching he tries to push Pili away from Tagwa but Tagwa has been putting a stop to that and making sure she spends some time with Sattao too.

Tagwa with little Sattao

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