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<<--  Entry for:  October   8, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  October   8, 2017 Watching Ngilai this morning we were thinking about how Ngilai is not really a bully; he hardly bullies anyone, it is just that when he is playing he is slightly rougher. When it was nearly time for the 9am milk feed all the elephants were gathering around the keepers. Ngilai was standing very close to them when Mundusi pushed his way through and then head butted Ngilai to move him out of the way. He then ran away knowing that he would be told off for his naughty behaviour. Ngilai is such a soft bull that those weaker and younger than him can still push him around and he will not retaliate. Esampu then appeared from nowhere and pushed Jotto down. Jotto is another mellow boy who loves his keepers and others will be able to push him around.
At 3pm we had two orphans arrive at the Nursery in very critical condition from Tsavo where the drought continues.

Ngilai is not a bully but is quite rough

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