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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Nursery Unit - 10  /  2017

With all the new arrivals at the Nairobi Nursery due to the drought ravaging parts of Tsavo, we have had to change some of the orphans’ night stockades. Ndiwa and Mundusi were moved into the stockades on the other side of Maxwell’s pen which Ndiwa took very well as she is such a calm little girl, but Mundusi on the other hand gave his keepers a lot of trouble entering his new room and it took him a few days to get used to it. Since she arrived in the Nursery we have known that Ndiwa is a fast learner, she quickly memorized where all the milk feeding areas were, but this little girl often reminds us about her good memory. She has been moved a few times to different rooms because of new arrivals, and she always remembers her new room and goes straight there for her milk at 5pm, without any fuss at all.
Newcomers Sagalla, Sapalan and Namalok have all settled in very well considering they were rescued at a much older age, although Sagalla is seemingly the most comfortable in her new surroundings and started drinking milk from a bottle almost straight away. By the end of the month they had all joined their new family out in the forest for their daily routine and were used to the keepers, although Namalok still drinks his milk from a bucket and not from a keeper holding a bottle. Sapalan and Namalok arrived within a few days of each other and are both slightly older than the other orphans in the Nursery, and quickly became very attached to one another. Sapalan was quick to introduce himself amongst the other bulls and likes pushing games with Pare, Ndotto and Lasayen; though these younger boys are slightly fearful of his long tusks! Namalok is quieter and doesn’t like to play as many games, preferring to concentrate on browsing instead! Sagala has a unique feature which distinguishes her from all of the others in the Nursery, and that is her extraordinary long eyelashes and long tail hairs – she has more and longer hair in these places than we have ever seen on a baby before!

We have been watching the behaviour of some other more kind hearted bulls this month. We all know the girls in the Nursery are mad for any new baby and fight amongst themselves to get the closest and spend some quality time with any youngster, but some of the bulls in the nursery are very calm and loving as well. Ngilai, although he does like to play rough with his age-mates, does not push any of the younger ones too hard and if they push him, he knows not to retaliate. Jotto is another friendly young bull and you will never see him bullying any little ones. Unfortunately some of the youngsters know his friendly ways and take advantage of his gentle nature! Enkesha is one of the little girls that is aware of this and will happily try and push him around because she knows he won’t retaliate. She watched one day as Jotto laboriously dug up a tasty root before running over to snatch it from him, and Jotto just chose to surrender his snack rather than start a fight! Enkesha would not have dared to try this to one of the other elephants like Ambo or Kuishi, who would certainly not stand for such behaviour.

We were as delighted as the orphan babies when rain began to fall this month, bringing much needed relief to a very dry parched earth. Before long green shoots of grass began poking through the earth and dung beetles were earnestly rolling their circular egg carriages across the damp ground. The orphans had great fun playing in the new water puddles and streams that slowly developed in the forest as more rain fell. Godoma, Malima, Mteto, Jotto, Mbegu, Enkesha, Tamiyoi, Musiara, Sattao and Emoli were all seen swimming in these natural pools. Tiny Musiara and Sattao were not to be left out either and used their little trunks as snorkels and held on to Mbegu or Godoma’s tail when they felt like they were losing their balance in the water. Orphans like Luggard, Emoli and Enkesha live for these moments to splash around in streams or in the mud bath, but others like Kauro seem to dislike the water and tend to stay away. These fun and playful antics were happy times that brought relief to the sadness we have felt this month when little Pili succumbed to his illness, despite all our best efforts to save this little bull. Unfortunately we could not save all of the drought victims we found and rescued this month as they were simply too far gone having been without nourishment for months; but we have poured our efforts into all the new babies that have come in recently and we have managed to save many pulling them back from the brink.

Kiko continues to try and browse with the elephant orphans during the day but unfortunately the feeling is not always mutual! He avoids browsing too close as the newcomers Sapalan and Namalok tend to charge at him, unused to the presence of a giraffe in an elephant herd! Sometimes the baby elephants like Malima and Musiara join in the charge with their little ears held wide, but Kiko finds it hard to take them seriously due to their tiny size. One day he was very naughty and deliberately kicked over the wheelbarrow holding all the empty milk bottles, which the keepers had to collect up again as Maisha and Sattao tried to suck up the spilt milk.

Solio only visited once this month to say hello to Maxwell and have some tasty lucerne from her keepers. She came across some buffaloes again during this visit and their presence around the stockade until the vegetation in the Park grows up again is probably why she only visited once. Maxwell lost his temper one day with some warthogs that were in his lucerne trough, eating and wasting his food by carelessly tossing it everywhere. Their squeals of fright as Maxwell chased them even brought caring Mbegu running back to the stockades to see what was going on! 

Photos Taken During this Month for the Nursery Unit

Jotto going to browse 10/1/2017

Sweet Luggard 10/1/2017

Malima nice and muddy with the others 10/1/2017

Malima coming out 10/1/2017

Mbegu has a lovely caring nature 10/2/2017

Maxwell didn't want the warthogs in his stockade 10/2/2017

Maxwell chasing the warthogs, and Kiko  10/2/2017

Godoma is another lovely caring girl 10/2/2017

Mundusi doesn't like to waste time 10/3/2017

Mundusi soil dusting 10/3/2017

Kuishi walking in the forest 10/3/2017

Malkia likes looking after young ones too 10/3/2017

Enkesha knows she can manipulate Jotto 10/4/2017

Jotto browsing from a tree 10/4/2017

Mteto has been nicknamed the laughing girl 10/4/2017

Funny little Tamiyoi 10/5/2017

Tamiyoi walking on her own 10/5/2017

Esampu heard Tamiyoi calling 10/5/2017

Namalok in his stockade 10/5/2017

Tagwa with little Sattao 10/6/2017

Tagwa with Sattao under her neck 10/6/2017

Mbegu browsing 10/6/2017

Godoma is a good mini matriarch  10/6/2017

Lasayen can be very welcoming 10/7/2017

Kuishi  10/7/2017

Ndiwa is such a calm girl 10/7/2017

Ngilai is not a bully but is quite rough 10/8/2017

Ngilai drinking water 10/8/2017

The orphans all walking out 10/8/2017

Mundusi running away 10/8/2017

Maxwell having a rest 10/9/2017

Ndiwa browsing 10/9/2017

Sana Sana ran to help Ndiwa 10/9/2017

Maktao so muddy in the mud bath 10/9/2017

Tamiyoi scratching her trunk  10/10/2017

Malima had a restless night 10/10/2017

Maramoja 10/10/2017

Maktao so muddy again! 10/10/2017

Rapa running around 10/11/2017

Kauro running in 10/11/2017

Ndotto climbing on Maramoja 10/11/2017

Namalok brought out for the first time 10/11/2017

Sweet little Musiara 10/12/2017

Sattao looking for Musiara 10/12/2017

Malima and Musiara 10/12/2017

Sweet Luggard 10/12/2017

Malima all muddy 10/13/2017

Enkesha in the mud bath 10/13/2017

Ambo is more shy of the water 10/13/2017

Hello Mteto! 10/13/2017

Sana Sana in a playful mood 10/14/2017

Ngilai joined them 10/14/2017

Maisha and Emoli avoided their playful friends 10/14/2017

Sweet little Maisha 10/14/2017

Esampu in a mischievous mood 10/15/2017

Esampu very very muddy! 10/15/2017

Esampu got out and rubbed mud on visitors! 10/15/2017

Murit had fun in the mud bath as well 10/15/2017

Caring Maramoja 10/16/2017

Mbegu enjoying the mud bath 10/16/2017

Sagala in the forest for the first time 10/16/2017

Pare was being naughty  10/16/2017

Malima, Esampu, Kuishi and Ambo 10/17/2017

Mbegu looking after Malkia 10/17/2017

Sana Sana browsing 10/17/2017

A very muddy Malkia 10/17/2017

Something scared Pare and others 10/18/2017

Emoli standing near his keepers 10/18/2017

Musiara with Godoma 10/18/2017

Ndiwa in the mud bath 10/19/2017

Mundusi and Ndiwa 10/19/2017

Ndiwa with Mbegu behind 10/19/2017

Luggard browsing 10/20/2017

Musiara waiting for Luggard 10/20/2017

Sweet little Sattao browsing 10/20/2017

Kuishi trying some small branches 10/20/2017

It was a chilly morning 10/21/2017

Orphans walking out with their keepers 10/21/2017

Kuishi chewing a root next to a stream 10/21/2017

Enkesha playing in a puddle 10/21/2017

Ngilai in a playful mood 10/22/2017

Ambo was in a happy mood as well 10/22/2017

Tagwa came running to help Ambo 10/22/2017

Tamiyoi going to see the babies 10/23/2017

Esampu, Enkesha and Malima 10/23/2017

Esampu, Malima and Musiara 10/23/2017

Malkia browsing next to Kuishi 10/23/2017

Kauro on a dusting pile 10/24/2017

Ndotto on the dusting pile 10/24/2017

Murit browsing on a small shrub 10/24/2017

Lasayen going to play 10/24/2017

Kiko walking with the orphans 10/25/2017

Hello Kiko! 10/25/2017

Malima didn't want Kiko around 10/25/2017

Maisha browsing 10/25/2017

Godoma walking into the forest 10/26/2017

Emoli walking out 10/26/2017

Esampu, Musiara and Godoma 10/26/2017

Ndotto climbing on his friends 10/26/2017

Kiko going out to the forest 10/27/2017

Kuishi browsing with Mteto 10/27/2017

Kuishi and Esampu in the mud 10/27/2017

Enkesha so muddy 10/27/2017

Maktao with Emoli behind 10/27/2017

Greedy little Murit 10/28/2017

Funny little Jotto 10/28/2017

Jotto with Esampu 10/28/2017

Orphans walking back out to the bush 10/28/2017

Kiko following the keepers 10/29/2017

Namalok out in the bush 10/29/2017

Kiko saying hello to Maxwell 10/29/2017

Kiko with the elephant orphans 10/29/2017

Happy Sattao 10/30/2017

Rapa in a very playful mood 10/30/2017

Lasayen running with Sagala 10/30/2017

Mbegu happily dusting 10/30/2017

Maktao walking out 10/31/2017

Mundusi slowly walking along 10/31/2017

Pare just relaxing  10/31/2017

Maxwell picking up lucerne pieces 10/31/2017
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