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<<--  Entry for:  November   23, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  November   23, 2016 It was a bright morning for the orphans today as they milled around Maxwell’s gate sharing his food. Some were playing their hide and seek game, running up and down and in and out of different stockades which were all open now. There was a big difference to the previous wet mornings when the orphans had all been dull and quiet. This was a real happy and playful morning, especially for Rapa, Lasayen, Ndotto and Ngilai who led the others in the games. Even after they had walked to the forest their playful mood continued and most of them were engaged in ‘sizing up’ games. Kauro was playing a wrestling game with Tusuja, Dupotto was doing the same with Mbegu and Galla, who hardly plays with anyone, was playing with Maramoja. Malkia and Sana Sana were very busy driving away a large troop of baboons that were passing by. Malkia even went as far as trying to climb the trees to flush out those that tried to climb out of the way, and put her front legs up on the trunks. The orphans only began to settle down when the milk came out to the forest for their 9am feed.

Roi has recently become so much more stubborn at milk feeding times, just like the little girl Malkia. She is very strong and knows the old keepers from the newer ones who she does not respect as much yet. She keeps pushing and shoving the new keepers away from the wheelbarrow to try and grab milk bottles from there, meant for her friends. Today during public visiting she shoved one of the new keepers to the side who was trying to guard the milk, and ran away with the bottle – she has done this twice now!

Today the decision was made to go and rescue an orphan from Maralal whose mother had been shot in the leg and it had broken badly, as well as in the head a couple of times too. Today our rescue team left at 7am and arrived back in the nursery with the calf at around 3.30pm. We named him Karissia and he is still very wild but doing well.

Lasayen playing with the other orphans

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