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<<--  Entry for:  December   6, 2011  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  December   6, 2011 Yesterday evening Sasab had to be put on a drip as he became very week. His appetite has decreased and he does not want to drink his milk. The orphans all gathered at his door before the keepers led them out for the day. Turkwel did not want to leave him behind and it was difficult for the keepers to get her to follow them.

Solio pulled a disappearing act at 9am this morning and managed to hide in the bushes and avoid her keepers who spent the morning searching and calling for her to no avail. She eventually came out of hiding 3 hours later. Despite being annoyed with her the keepers were glad that she had decided to rejoin them.

Solio relaxing in the bush

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