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<<--  Entry for:  February   26, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  February   26, 2018 It was quite a surprise to see Mapia playing today. He does not normally engage the others very much yet, but as the orphans were coming out of their rooms and gathering in the compound area, the little bull Mapia was inviting his neighbor Jotto to play. He raised his ears up to apply for a pushing game and Jotto responded so they both spent some time playing a fun pushing game. At some stages Jotto kept trying to climb on Mapia to show off his dominance, even though he is also small.
Musiara looked unhappy to leave his best friend Luggard behind today, since he was not able to walk out as far as the others today as he is not feeling well. Luggard was kept back with his keeper whilst Musiara walked out with the others into the forest.

Mapia was in a playful mood

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