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<<--  Entry for:  March   17, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  March   17, 2016 When the orphans came out of their stockades in the early morning Oltaiyoni, Mbegu, Naseku, Sokotei, Roi and Siangiki spent a moment standing around outside poor Simotuaís stockade. Simotua saluted them with low rumbling sounds as he heard them all moving outside. Oltayoni rumbled to him but he was too tired to respond back, having had a very restless night. Oltaiyoni and company left after awhile after realizing that Simotua would not be joining them out this morning.

As the older group was being released by the keepers in the bush to run down and drink their milk during public visiting, Balguda, Boromoko, Siangiki, Kauro and Alamaya were the first to run down. Before reaching the open area where their milk bottles were waiting, Balguda and Bormoko, who do not usually run to get their milk, blocked their group from running past them. Alamaya, Kauro and Siangiki yelled out in protest, prompting the keepers to run up and caution the two older boys for their bad behaviour. Kauro, Alamaya and Siangiki then sped past them at top speed rumbling as they went, with neither one wanting to be the last to reach the milk bottles. This caused the school children to scream out at they saw the big elephants running towards them at a fast pace. The keepers assured the children they were quite safe and not in harmís way, as the orphans are so social with people. The children calmed down and enjoyed watching how Kauro and Siangiki could feed themselves with their bottles.

It was a sad afternoon for us today as we lost poor ailing Simotua. His conditioned worsened some minutes before 4pm and despite all possible means to save his life they proved unsuccessful, and nature eventually took its course for little Simotua. He will be greatly missed by his human family and the other orphans as well.

Balguda was in the first group to run down

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