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<<--  Entry for:  April   8, 2012  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   8, 2012 Kanjoro is still a nervous character, but is calming down. Kasigau the dominant bull of the Nursery elephant family, likes to try and challenge Kanjoro to a Pushing Game, which is the favourite pastime of adolescent bulls, but Kanjoro is not yet fit enough to be much of a match for Kasigau. Naipoki and Kihari often try to keep Kanjoro company, but he is still grieving for his lost elephant mother and family, and is something of a loner. Murera’s paralyzed back leg is still not showing signs of any improvement, and is still swollen and unable to take weight, trailing it on the ground as she moves. She lies down to sleep, making sure the injured leg is on he top, and straight. She loves her milk, and browses as much as she can. The Keepers cut special greens for her and Orwa spends time with her for company, but also enjoys joining the others out in the bush. He is very fond of little Kithaka.

Kasigau having a bottle of milk

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