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<<--  Entry for:  April   1, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   1, 2016 Finally there was a heavy downpour last night after a long, dry wait. Due to the heavy rain some of the babies had a sleepless night. Kauro, Rapa, Lasayen, Ngilai and Kamok all had a pretty rough night. With all the noise on the roof together with the lighting and the thunderstorms was quite unsettling for them. The rain went on throughout the whole night and only stopped in the early morning. These five orphans were happy to see the light of day! As each one of them came out they walked straight out to the forest. It was Galla’s third time to try and join the orphans out in the forest too. The first few times were not successful because he was quite aggressive and just ran away from the herd. On both occasions he was brought back home early after spending less than 2 hours out with his new friends! At 9am Dupotto, Mbegu and Roi were brought back to the stockades to escort him out to the bush. He did not show much excitement at being allowed out of his stockade; his gate was opened wide but he did not want to come out. After waiting for him for quite a long time, Dupotto decided to enter his pen to help try and push him out. He immediately stepped out of his pen as Dupotto was about to try and push him. He started running into the forest as the other orphans followed behind him. When Oltaiyoni, who had been left behind in the forest, saw him running in the wrong direction she went after him. We all thought the ‘mother’ of the herd was running after him in an effort to control him but instead she surprised us; she started poking him in the back pushing him further into the bushes. The keepers had to intervene and shout at her to stop it. In the end it was the boys Enkikwe, Boromoko, Kauro and Sokotei who spent the most time with him, protecting him from the others. He even managed to attend the private visit at 3pm where he behaved very well. He was later escorted back to the stockades a few minutes before 5pm by Boromoko and Kauro.

Galla hiding in the bushes

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