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<<--  Entry for:  April   10, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   10, 2016 Murit still enjoys the company of his keepers than his older peers. When the orphans go out into the forest, most of them will begin to wonder deep into the forest away from the keepers but the little ones will always remain within sight of them. Because Murit is so fond of his keepers he tends to spend more time with the little baby group. Yesterday and today he has gone to find the baby group regardless of where they are. He will raise his trunk in the air to find out which direction they are in and within no time he will be with the baby group. Knowing that he is not supposed to be with the baby group he will try hiding in the bushes before he is noticed. By the time he shows himself in the bushes the older group will have gone so far he knows he will not be pushed to go and join them. By the time the babies came out of their stables this morning his group was still browsing close to the stockades. He saw them as soon as they came into the forest and joined them, only leaving to go and receive his milk bottle and after his feed as the rest went further into the forest he sneaked away to locate where the babies were. Later he left them to go for a mud bath but again in the afternoon he went to hide from his herd and join the baby group. It started to rain in the afternoon though which meant the babies returned home earlier than usual and within a few minutes of their arrival at the stockades, Murit arrived from another direction and went straight into his stable.

This evening when all the babies had returned home for the afternoon, Naseku had a nice time with Luggard. They were hugging each other with their trunks for a long time and she was holding him around his neck. They communicated for a long time which really relaxed the little boy and he ended up falling asleep whilst still standing, despite his wounded leg.

Murit browsing

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