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<<--  Entry for:  April   12, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  April   12, 2016 Galla is finally settling down and accepting the keepers as well. He is now a part of the elephant family and they seem to have accepted him too. There is not much bullying from his peers towards him and he no longer disappears from the herd like before. Today he joined Mbeguís little herd for the public show, where he behaved so well and acted like he had been there before!

Kiko with his two friends Pea and Pod went for the private viewing at 3pm today without being invited. The three had spent the whole day together apart from when Kiko had visited the baby group during milk feeding time for his share as well. Then he returned to the ostriches and as they fed on grass he was feeding on the thorny leaves by their side. They watched the older orphans from a distance as they went down to the private visit in small groups and after a few minutes they followed them down the same path to the mud bath. Pea and Pod stayed around the rocky area feeding on the seeds and other little things in that area, whilst Kiko walked directly to the acacia trees next to the mud pool. After the session they walked behind the keepers back to the forest.

In the forest Boromoko and Ndotto engaged each other in a friendly pushing game. Ndotto went behind a big tree and surprised Boromoko from the other side and start pushing him. As they went on playing, Pea and Pod were feeding on the grass. They got a bit too close to the boys who were playing and Boromoko smacked one of them with his trunk and Ndotto started chasing the other one. They abandoned their earlier game and started chasing the ostriches around. All of them, Boromoko and Ndotto as well as the ostriches seemed to enjoy this game. It went on for some time until Pea and Pod decided to speed off to the stockades and that was the end of that.

Galla seems to have memorized the time he is to return home and he didnít need as escort today for coming home to bed. It was only that he took the wrong route and went via the mud bath area then through the gift shop area on the way to his pen! He was all by himself without any other orphan or a keeper so it is quite amazing that he managed to do that.


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