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<<--  Entry for:  April   14, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  April   14, 2016 As the babies were all out enjoying their day in the forest as usual, Galla came across Kiko who was alone looking for his favourite thorny bushes. When he saw him he raised his ears to charge and scare him away. But Kiko has grown used to the older orphans lately and he wasn’t shaken by Galla’s threats, he just stood he ground and waited to see what Galla would do next. As Galla got closer Kiko jumped out of the bushes kicking his legs in the air. Galla thought Kiko was out to attack him and ran back to the herd screaming for help. Enkikwe came out to save him and started running after Kiko. Kiko stopped to turn around and see what was going on and saw Enkikwe running at him. When he saw this he turned around and started walking towards him. Enkikwe now stopped too and looked at Kiko rumbling and trumpeting to warn him. But Kiko was unmoved and when Enkikwe saw him marching directly towards him he turned and ran back to the group leaving Kiko just standing and watching the herd of orphans. He then decided to go back to his feeding area.

For a couple of days now Ndotto has become everyone’s playmate, especially the older orphans. Every day he has a different and older elephant to play with. The fact remains that most of the older orphans love him too. Today Kamok was his playmate of choice. Since this morning these two have been playing together, pushing games and hide and seek… not forgetting what he loves most, his climbing games! You can imagine the tiny short boy trying to climb on Kamok’s back and how funny that looks.
Today we had to conduct a rescue and the baby arrived from south Turkana and Turkwel area. She was found by the community yesterday 7 o’clock. The mother was searched for but all in vain. She is looking very think and weak meaning that she has been without her mother’s milk for quite some time. She is under 1 year old and we have called her Lorogon.

Galla in charging mood

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