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<<--  Entry for:  April   18, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   18, 2016 When Kiko came out of his stockade this morning he was reluctant to go out into the bush and instead walked all the way down to the milk mixing area ad enjoyed browsing on the acacias there until his milk was ready then is was used to lead him out to the bush and into the forest! Out in the forest around 2pm he had the chance encounter with three female giraffes plus two young giraffe boys! At first he shied away but the females kept following him and appealing to him to join them. They waited patiently as Kiko slowly approached them until one of the boys his size approached him too and they spent some time smelling each other! They also rubbed their necks against each other but this was a bit too much for Kiko and he ran back to his keepers. The two little boys tried to follow him, wanting to spend more time with him and their mothers stood back still watching. Kiko stayed put with his keepers for a few minutes, and later turned back to join his wild friends again. They all stayed together until it was time for Kiko to come home again. When he was called to come home he left his wild friends but before reaching his keeper one of his wild friends came running after him not wanting him to go but this sudden run scared Kiko and he ran all the way back to the stockades and into his pen.


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