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<<--  Entry for:  April   19, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   19, 2016 There was a bit of drama during public viewing today soon after the first group had drank their milk bottles, Ndotto walked away from his bottle and started bumping against the public that were standing along the rope cordon. After doing this for some time he changed his game and sat down on the ground close to the cordon and started playing lying down, head stand poses and at one point sitting down on his hind and posing with his trunk high in the air he is such a little entertainer!

After the second group of orphans walked in and they were busy bottle feeding, greedy Olsekki showed off by quickly downing his bottle ad chasing poor Kauro as he was trying to enjoy his milk! Olsekki defied all the commands from the keepers intent on his greedy action and he ended up making poor Kauro drop his milk bottle and before the keeper could reach it Olsekki picked it up and ran off, challenging the keepers as he scampered around between the other orphans. He and the drama he was creating really captured the attention of the visiting public. When he had finished the bottle he went into the mud pool and started a funny game of splashing the water with his legs, going deep into the water and blowing the water high out of his trunk and trumpeting. He really can be a bit of a show off sometimes!

Ndotto playing in the water

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