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<<--  Entry for:  April   21, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  April   21, 2016 The day started extremely chilly and wet with a downpour of heavy rain which meant the orphan herd began their day in a happy and cheerful mood! Out in the field they were all witnessed rolling around in the wet and muddy soil enjoying a fresh mud bath. The big orphans like Sirimon, Enkikwe, Olsekki, Sokotei, Oltaiyoni, Siangiki and Boromoko were all busy rolling around and provided fine play mates for the younger boys such as Lasayen, Ndotto, Rapa and Ngilai who enjoyed bumping, climbing and scratching against them. At one point Lasayen, Ndotto and Ngilai were all piling on top of Boromoko… except for Ngilai who could not quite reach and in his best attempts he just slid down Boromoko’s back. They happy time came to an end though when Rapa pushes Lasayen who was on Boromoko which made him fall down on his head and yell out loudly. This scared the young boys from playing on Boromoko any further which just left Rapa but Boromoko did not allow him to play with him anymore when he saw he was not playing nicely with the others. He warned him away and pushed him, and Rapa went off to where Tusuja, Roi and Dupotto were playing.

Out during public visiting the orphans remained calm and there were no major activities except for between Enkikwe and Sokotei. They began a pushing game that saw Enkikwe accidentally fall into the mud bath and he slipped whilst trying to challenge Sokotei. As he tried to come out of the mud bath, Sokotei was guarding his exists and would not let him come out. Whenever he tried to come out Sokotei would just push him back in. Enkikwe is clever though and eventually he used his front feet to kick a load of muddy water in Sokotei’s face and soon he turned away so Enkikwe could finally come out of the water.

Orphans enjoying a mudbath in the fields

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