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<<--  Entry for:  April   26, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   26, 2016 Settling out in the field in the early morning the orphan herd were all extremely calm, busy walking out and about the thicket browsing on shrubs and delicious new green shoots. None seemed interested in playing or enjoying a mud bath unlike previous days when playing and rolling in the mud was the only thing they wanted to do! As the orphans were enjoying their browsing session Balguda, Siangiki, Naseku, Sokotei, Oltaiyoni, Enkikwe, Sirimon, Boromoko and Olsekki happened upon a lone male buffalo that was busy enjoying a mud bath. As it was busy rolling in the mud it posing saw Balguda and the group to stand dead still with their ears spread intensely watching the buffalo and its next move until Oltaiyoni trumpeted loudly; this prompted the buffalo to stand up suddenly and see Oltaiyoni and group trumpet and march towards him, with their ears held out wide. This caused the buffalo to run off into the thicket, leaving the orphan group charging and trumpeting around, bashing bushes down as a show of their strength. This game soon came to an end though when the keepers cautioned them for their rebellious behaviour.

A few days ago Pea and Pod were moved from a stable to a stockade next to Naseku and for the last few days they have been showing their displeasure at this move. They have been firmly resisting going back into their stockade in the afternoon and sometimes run away from the keepers back into the bush. Today when it was time to walk back to the stockades in the afternoon, the keepers approached them as usual to walk them back and they quickly sprinted far away to avoid going back. This presented a challenge for the keepers and it took some time convincing them to come home it was almost 6pm when the ostriches finally returned home.

Balguda with ears flared

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