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<<--  Entry for:  April   28, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  April   28, 2016 Sometimes it is hard having two orphans of the same age in our orphan herd, especially girls. Mbgeu and Dupotto are the same age and because Mbegu displays more matriarchal qualities some times, this does not always sit well with Dupotto who tries to challenge her. Ngilai was the cause of today’s rivalry between them during public visiting. Everyone was busy – if they were not playing they were feeding on the greens laid out for them for the visiting time. Just as with human children, sometimes the orphans can feel that what others have is better than what they have themselves; and what looks good is what is on someone else’s plate! Ngilai went over and snatched some of the green that Godoma was feeding on, but Godoma did not want to give him any. Ngilai fought to take the branch from her but this was going on in front of Mbegu. She gave them some time to resolve their own differences but after they failed to do so she had to intervene by pushing Ngilai away to separate them. Ngilai started complaining by shouting at this attracted the attention of Dupotto. Dupotto came over and started a fight with Mbegu but Mbegu was not standing for it. Neither of them was prepared to give up and the keepers had to intervene to bring peace amongst the middle group!


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