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<<--  Entry for:  April   29, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   29, 2016 With the presence of lions around the National Park close to the orphanage, Kiko, Pea and Pod stayed in their stockades until it was confirmed it was safe. This was hard for Kiko who has become quite naughty of late and he is fully prepared to stand his ground. He normally goes the way he chooses and while in the stockade he was struggling to get out, but in vain. Later in the afternoon when it was confirmed the lions had gone, the three were let out into the forest. Kiko, proving how desperate he was to reach the forest, set off at a high speed, kicking in the air with both feet. The same went for Pea and Pod, as soon as their gate was opened they also set off – also proving what fast runners they are as they soon overtook Kiko. Kiko fought hard to catch up but he couldn’t, try as he might. As they all ran towards the forest, Enkikwe, Siangiki, Naseku and Roi were watching from a distance. As they got closer to the babies the four orphans raised their ears high ready to send them back the way they had come! As the orphans went to drive them away, Kiko was also trying to kick at them, helping his friends Pea and Pod. It turned into a game of four against three and all were enjoying this great game. When Kiko, Pea and Pod were jumping over short bushes trying to run away from the elephant babies, the elephants were following behind, bashing those short bushes down using their feet and trunks. The game went on for some time until Sirimon came over to chase Roi and Naseku. He engaged Enkikwe in a wrestling game while Siangiki decided to call it off to go and browse. Kiko settled down to eat his favourite greens – the thorniest ones – and Pea and Pod accompanied him whilst eating grass.

Ndotto and Murit having milk

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