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<<--  Entry for:  April   4, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  April   4, 2016 Today Kiko seems to have sensed danger or just did not want to stay out in the forest. He wasn’t out in the forest for even an hour before returning to the stockades on his own. When he came back he would walk past his stable straight to the milk mixing area. He would feed on the acacia trees there and also by Edwin’s office. His keepers would come down and lead him back out to the forest following his milk bottle – but after a short while he would come back again! Pea and Pod also decided not to be with the baby group today but rather with the older orphans and maybe this is another reason Kiko kept coming home.

Oltaiyoni, Enkikwe, Siangiki, Sirimon and Roi had a lengthy mud bath during public visiting today. They made the visit into a real show and all the visitors left smiling and laughing as the orphans rolled and climbed on each other in the mud pool. Oltaiyoni ended the show by pushing everyone out of the mud in order for her to enjoy it alone.

There was a bit of confusion this afternoon when the rain came early, before 5pm which is the time that foster parents can visit. It was such heavy rain that the babies started coming home in fear of the loud thunder which made it difficult to give them their bottles as the keepers were not all in place yet to help feed them! Some like Olsekki, Sirimon, Mwashoti and Boromoko went on feeding themselves as well as taking their neighbours bottles! The greedy ones enjoyed this chaos very much. Some lost their way to their own rooms and ended up in their friends rooms instead.

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