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<<--  Entry for:  April   5, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  April   5, 2016 The weather was looking much better for the babies this morning as they headed out to the forest. Before Kamok and Mbegu joined the rest, they first decided to say hello to Luggard. Every morning when Naseku, his neighbour, leaves her stockade the little boy is always left in a nervous mood and fights to accompany her out. This morning the two girls were at his gate as soon as Naseku had come out. They interacted for a long time and reassured the little boy. After that and sharing some of his greens too, they both moved out to the forest to join the others. When they left Luggard was much more relaxed he was calm and settled and not fighting with anything but instead browsing quietly on his greens.

Galla seems to be making more friends day after day. Murit, the quiet little boy, has been his friend since day one. They browse right up until the afternoon together, when Murit escorts Galla back to the stockades earlier than the others as he is not used to the routine yet.

Kiko had a very different day to yesterday when he was trying to return home all the time. While out in the bush this morning he met some wild friends, a mother giraffe with her baby boy, smaller than Kiko. The wild mother giraffe was very interested in Kiko and kept trying to approach him but Kiko kept running away whenever she got close enough. After trying for some time the wild giraffe gave up and instead waited to see if Kiko would allow her baby boy to approach him. When the little boy approached Kiko he paid more attention as the little on got closer. Just a few steps before reaching him Kiko ran away and the boy went back to its mother and they decided to leave and walk away further into the park. Kiko was left to go on with his normal daily routine. Later in the afternoon he was up to his usual tricks and did not want to join the keepers to return to the stockades. He was left behind to be with the older orphans and slightly later he came back of his own accord.

Kamok browsing in the bushes

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