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<<--  Entry for:  April   7, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  April   7, 2016 Some of the babies will try to copy the behaviour of their older peers. Like Ndotto today whilst having their 9am feed. Today he was copying Sirimon who is known to play tricks on his keepers at feeding time. He will drink his milk and pretend not to have had his share yet, looking for more. As usual during milk time the babies will come for their milk in small groups. Ndotto had arrived together with Tusuja, Naseku and Murit. They were the first ones to have their share and when they had finished Tusuja, Naseku and Murit left in the opposite direction to make way for the next group. Ndotto however walked to join the next group that was yet to have their feed. When the second group ran down for their milk he didnít accompany them but when the third group came down he joined them, running in the middle. When he arrived at the feeding area he was ready to receive milk but no one paid any attention to him. He decided to walk back and come in with the forth group to try his luck once more. He ran to the wheelbarrow and tried to find some milk for himself but he was turned away by the keeper there. Eventually he gave up knowing that he had been found out and he was not going to get any extra milk.

Later on today while at the mud bath ground around 3pm for the private visit, Ndotto decided to behave like Rapa and head-butting anyone he felt like pushing around. After they had all had their share of milk Godoma was standing about 10 meters away from Ndotto. Ndotto ran into her knocking her down to the ground. This was behaviour we had never seen from him before and is exactly like how Rapa behaves! Knowing very well he had done something wrong he disappeared into the thicket surrounding the area to avoid being told off.

Ndotto having milk

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