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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Nursery Unit - 5  /  2016

Orphaned ostriches Pea and Pod have developed a dislike of raincoats and umbrellas, and whenever they see their green-jacketed Keepers change their ‘plumage’, it has triggered rage in Pod who repeatedly becomes aggressive at the sight of the Keepers wearing raincoats. This has been unfortunate indeed, since we have been having some of the wettest weather ever recorded in Nairobi! However, early in the month, Pod went missing and to this day no trace has been found, so we are hopeful that he has joined his own kind on the Park plains. He was beginning to wander so the signs were there that he was becoming restless, and in view of his behaviour, we are sure he is male.

Rapa remains a naughty little boy where his younger friends are concerned. His love for Tusuja is unconditional but he continues to bully others younger than himself, as well as those slightly older who are of a more timid nature, mainly Galla and Naseku, but also anyone browsing close to Tusuja, since he is prone to jealous outbursts. Whilst Rapa is unfriendly to some of his peers, Kamok is still a naughty girl where her keepers are concerned, enjoying playing tricks on them. On the 13th as she was playing her usual hide and seek game with the Keepers in the car parking area, having terrorized the resident warthogs there, a lorry carrying hardcore stone to help elevate the quagmire after massive rain, approached. Hearing the thunderous noise, Kamok freaked out, screaming and running in search of the Keepers, whom, only moments before she had been hiding from! It took her a long time to settle down, the Keepers hoping that she had learnt a valuable lesson about hiding from them in the future! It was with approval from the Keepers one day that Kamok meted out discipline to Rapa for his bad behaviour towards other little ones, it being important that he knows the parameters of acceptable behaviour!

This natural social behaviour amongst our younger orphaned herd also reflects relationships due to age. Balguda is the oldest in the Nursery, and the others respect him simply because of this. The de facto female leader, Oltaiyoni, and even the pushy boys, Enkikwe and Olsekki, dare not disrespect Balguda and the same applies also to Oltaiyoni as well, both being well respected by their younger peers. However, we continue to struggle with Balguda’s health challenges, but he remains happy and is feeding well. In fact his appetite improved towards the end of the month, without the usual bloating of his stomach. We feel sure that his problems are parasite based, but curing him has proved challenging since whatever he has seems to be resistant to the drugs.

We have a little treasure in our midst - one with the heart of a lion. He is named “Luggard”, as he was rescued with a femur shattered by a bullet. Having carried out an X-ray, it was concluded that being so young (about 6 months old), he had a chance of healing, since the position of the break lends itself to calcification without override of the bone. Obviously he will be left with a compromised leg and will never have full use of the knee, but it has been a great month for this brave little baby whose life force has been staggering to observe and his will to live and overcome the odds, inspiring. We have allowed Luggard to roam free in the forest with the baby elephant group, mindful that a happy mind is crucial to the healing process. Given the rain we have had, incarcerated in a muddy stockade or kept indoors in a stable was not an option and happy days out with the others has proved beneficial. Luggard is healing well, given his predicament, but he has a long road ahead still. However, so far all signs have been positive. Within the gentle company of our baby herd, he has made some very special friends.
We rescued a young girl from Laikipia on the 17th of the month as well who is in seemingly good condition – she is less than a year old and we have called her Sana Sana; she will spend her days with the young baby group as soon as we are confident she can leave her stable and browse with them and Luggard outside.

Godoma, our youngest girl, currently available for fostering, continues to flourish in the Nursery environment since her rescue from a well in August last year. Rather than having a special friend, she browses and socializes with everyone, so long as they aren’t prone to pushing her around! This month Ndotto has shown his ability to socialize and interact with any of the orphans – on the 5th he had a great time playing with the older and very boisterous boys, Enkikwe and Olsekki, engaging them in a tackling and pushing game! He is certainly a little character beloved by all. Ngilai is a very interactive and playful baby when he is in the right mood, even enjoying interacting with visitors along the rope cordon during the Public Viewing hour.

Our Mini Matriarch Mbegu is still caring of all the little ones, even surprising the keepers with her sense of love and concern for the babies. One day, sensing that one of them was unwell, she made her own way to the Baby group to carefully inspect them all individually, eventually focusing on the one that was unwell and giving him special attention and consolation. Towards the end of this month, we moved five elephants from the Nursery, the first group destined for our Ithumba Relocation Unit where they will remain very much dependent on both milk and Keepers for many more years, but with the advantage of mixing with our Ex Orphans and their wild friends, which is all a part of their journey back to living a free and wild life again. The naughty boys were shifted out much to the relief of the Nairobi Keepers, who have had their work cut out wrangling them recently. Enkikwe, Olsekki and Siangiki have all settled well in their new home.

Next to move were two little elephants that have overcome incredible odds, Alamaya, whose rear was chewed up by hyenas and left with mutilated genitals which, thankfully, have been pieced together again after an extensive operation, and Mwashoti who has overcome a horrendous snare injury, which almost severed his foot. These two best friends were destined for Umani, our most recent Rehabilitation Unit to accommodate compromised orphans in a more gentle environment than Tsavo East; the passage of time will afford them the opportunity to live a perfectly normal wild and free life, surrounded by wild friends, in the forest environment exposed to the Chyulu National Park on one unfenced boundary.

Kiko is growing into a true bull giraffe who has displayed his naughty character even to the warthogs with whom he used to play when younger. He continues to test his ever patient Keepers who usually just let him get on with whatever he wants to do now, rather than try and persuade him against his will. He is growing apace and clearly fast becoming a free agent!

Maxwell our blind rhino has been having a muddy time in his large stockade! The endless rainy weather has certainly got to him as he friskily races around his “boma” during the rain storms. However, he does have a sheltered area in which to retreat and he sleeps under cover on a bed of hay whenever he wants to remove himself from the wet conditions. He has enjoyed a number of visits from Solio this month, usually under cover of darkness. Solio has befriended a wild Nairobi Park female black rhino who is very pregnant and we cannot help but wonder whether our precious Solio will also soon produce a calf of her own.

Photos Taken During this Month for the Nursery Unit

Balguda browsing in the bush 5/1/2016

Balguda, Olsekki and Lasayen 5/1/2016

The baby group out in the bush 5/1/2016

Kauro loves his keepers 5/2/2016

Kauro out browsing with the others 5/2/2016

Kauro messing around 5/2/2016

Rapa, left, can be a naughty boy! 5/2/2016

Galla out in the bush playing around 5/2/2016

Ndotto going to find Ngilai 5/3/2016

Ngilai out in the bush 5/3/2016

Lasayen going to join the other boys 5/3/2016

Dupotto going to join the little boys 5/3/2016

Maxwell having fun in his stockade 5/3/2016

Oltaiyoni with Mbegu on the right 5/4/2016

Kamok out grazing on grass 5/4/2016

Kamok on her own before going to play 5/4/2016

Sweet little Godoma 5/4/2016

Godoma likes to browse in the company of Tusuja 5/4/2016

Ndotto with Naseku on the right 5/5/2016

Ndotto can get on with any other orphan! 5/5/2016

Enkikwe in a playful mood! 5/5/2016

Ndotto even played with Olsekki 5/5/2016

Ndotto with the other orphans 5/5/2016

Lovely Mbegu out browsing 5/6/2016

Little Murit loves going off to find the babies 5/6/2016

Mwashoti in a happy mood 5/6/2016

Murit left behind with the babies 5/6/2016

Pea the ostrich browsing in the forest 5/6/2016

Ambo with Pea the ostrich 5/7/2016

Alamaya cut short the search 5/7/2016

Sokotei cut short the search for Pod with Alamaya 5/7/2016

Dupotto with Sokotei and their keepers 5/7/2016

Dupotto can be very protective of Ngilai 5/7/2016

Sweet little Ambo out in the forest 5/8/2016

Little Ambo 5/8/2016

Rapa was disciplined by Kamok today! 5/8/2016

Rapa was being naughty and was told off 5/8/2016

Kamok, Lasayen and Boromoko 5/8/2016

Little role model Mbegu 5/9/2016

Mbegu loves looking after the babies 5/9/2016

Luggard and his poor leg 5/9/2016

Roi, Ndotto and Naseku 5/9/2016

Alamaya is always a curious little boy! 5/10/2016

Alamaya with his missing tail 5/10/2016

Kamok can be a naughty girl! 5/10/2016

Balguda is the oldest and most respected 5/10/2016

Even Olsekki respects Balguda! 5/10/2016

Ndotto, Roi and Naseku 5/11/2016

Lasayen out in the forest 5/11/2016

Ndotto and others going to see the babies 5/11/2016

Oltaiyoni listening to her little herd 5/11/2016

Balguda not looking active this morning 5/12/2016

Murit is Balguda's friend 5/12/2016

Enkikwe was so protective of Balguda 5/12/2016

Kiko is so independent 5/12/2016

Kiko walking around on his own! 5/12/2016

Kamok up to her usual tricks! 5/13/2016

Kamok beside her keeper once more 5/13/2016

Oltaiyoni talking to Sokotei 5/13/2016

Oltaiyoni walking towards the noise  5/13/2016

Orphans out browsing on a sunny day 5/14/2016

Thick, green vegetation to browse on! 5/14/2016

Galla out hiding in the forest 5/14/2016

Funny Galla playing his games 5/14/2016

Boromoko sneaking away 5/14/2016

Ambo promoted to the older herd today 5/15/2016

Ambo out in the forest 5/15/2016

Orphans out browsing in the sun 5/15/2016

Luggard out in the forest 5/15/2016

Olsekki standing with Lasayen 5/15/2016

Roi and others caused a lot of fuss this morning 5/16/2016

Kauro also joined in! 5/16/2016

Boromoko messing around 5/16/2016

Roi and Naseku annoyed with the boys 5/16/2016

Roi running from Boromoko 5/16/2016

Godoma going for her milk 5/17/2016

Murit got stuck in the mud today 5/17/2016

Kiko had to return to his stable 5/17/2016

Rescuing Sana Sana  5/17/2016

Sana Sana on the rescue plane 5/17/2016

Ngilai is such a sweet little boy 5/18/2016

The little baby group 5/18/2016

Balguda did not come to visiting today 5/18/2016

Balguda browsing on his own 5/18/2016

It was a cold morning today 5/19/2016

Galla did not want to leave his stockade 5/19/2016

Sweet Mbegu went to look for Galla 5/19/2016

Ngilai is so little 5/19/2016

Roi was being particularly greedy today! 5/19/2016

Rapa and Tusuja, middle, and Roi on the right 5/20/2016

Rapa, Tusuja and Roi on the right 5/20/2016

Boromoko shouting for his milk 5/20/2016

Olsekki snatched his milk this morning! 5/20/2016

Sokotei with his keepers 5/20/2016

Tusuja with Ngilai 5/21/2016

Tusuja played a fun game with Alamaya 5/21/2016

Alamaya browsing on some tasty greens 5/21/2016

Mwashoti wanted to join the fun 5/21/2016

Dupotto going to play with Ndotto 5/21/2016

Olsekki is one of the ones due to move 5/22/2016

Siangiki is also due to move to Ithumba 5/22/2016

Enkikwe did not like the moving lorry 5/22/2016

Siangiki was more accepting of the moving lorry 5/22/2016

Kamok drank her milk in the lorry too 5/23/2016

Sokotei with one of his keepers 5/23/2016

Boromoko is also going to be moved soon 5/23/2016

Dupotto, Siangiki and Oltaiyoni out browsing 5/23/2016

Lasayen browsing with Boromoko 5/23/2016

Moving lorry leaving early in the morning 5/24/2016

Olsekki coming out of the moving lorry 5/24/2016

Siangiki, Enkikwe and Orwa behind 5/24/2016

Sirimon was looking for his friends 5/24/2016

Sirimon will move down to Tsavo soon too 5/24/2016

Sirimon out browsing 5/25/2016

Maxwell in his stockade 5/25/2016

Big Sokotei next to Ndotto 5/25/2016

Handsome Max in his stockade 5/25/2016

Maxwell having a rest 5/25/2016

Kiko wanted to join the older orphans today 5/26/2016

Sirimon in front with Dupotto behind 5/26/2016

Roi was being naughty chasing Kiko 5/26/2016

Mwashoti browsing with Rapa 5/26/2016

Alamaya browsing on nice branches 5/26/2016

Oltaiyoni browsing with Mbegu 5/27/2016

Oltaiyoni going to join the younger groups 5/27/2016

Mbegu going with Oltaiyoni 5/27/2016

Mwashoti out in the forest 5/28/2016

Mwashoti's slightly swollen leg from snare wound 5/28/2016

Mwashoti loving his head keeper Edwin 5/28/2016

Alamaya with his head keeper 5/28/2016

Alamaya and Rapa speaking with Edwin 5/28/2016

Alamaya being led out of the lorry at Umani 5/29/2016

Alamaya and Mwashoti with the other orphans 5/29/2016

Alamaya and Mwashoti in their new home 5/29/2016

Sonje comforting Mwashoti 5/29/2016

Sirimon going to wrestle with Sokotei 5/29/2016

Naseku headed deeper into the forest 5/30/2016

Roi in the forest with some of the others 5/30/2016

Naseku likes to be fed first! 5/30/2016

Lasayen played some fun games today 5/30/2016

Ndotto leading the way 5/30/2016

Ngilai out with Kamok 5/31/2016

Ngilai wanted to go for his milk 5/31/2016

Kamok out browsing in the forest 5/31/2016

Galla seems to be very settled with the others 5/31/2016

Little Sana Sana 5/31/2016
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