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<<--  Entry for:  June   11, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   11, 2016 It was a crazy day today as the lions were everywhere. The first encounter took place mid morning as the orphans were coming for the 11am milk bottle. Godoma was leading Murit, Sana Sana and Naseku when the group came across a large pride of lions lying on the rocks near the mudbath area, sunning themselves. Upon seeing the orphans coming past they quickly got up and ran into the bushes.

During the public visit Naseku was very funny as she dust bathed and rolled around in the loose, red soil which attracted the attention of Lasayen, Godoma and Ndotto all of whom went to join her, and they started playing some wrestling games. Naseku was the last one to leave the area, dust bathing all the way to the end of the public session.

More lions were seen resting and playing in the park about 20 meters from where Balguda and the nursery babies were waiting for the rest of the orphans and keepers to return from the public visit. Pea seemed to be unaware of the danger that was close to her and even though the lions seemed disinterested in her, the keepers were taking no chances and returned her to the safety of the stockades.

At around 4:30pm Kauro, Sirimon and Oltaiyoni bumped into a group of 5 lions that were resting in some long grass. The three orphans started giving out an alert by rumbling loudly which caught the attention of the keepers who saw the lions and quickly led the group away and to the safety of the stockades.

Murit leading the others out

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