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<<--  Entry for:  June   12, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   12, 2016 Normally when the babies move into the forest when they come out of their stockades, they first begin browsing in the bushes beside Maxwell’s stockade. This morning they all assembled at the end of Maxwell’s stockade and were all busy browsing and some were playing as well. Three lions, one carrying a fresh piece of meat, walked past the orphans further down past the stockades. They did not bother the orphans and the orphans did not seem to mind them either.

Lasayen and Godoma are two babies that cannot be left alone together for long. Godoma always wants to pick a fight with Lasayen and Lasayen does not take this lightly; he certainly fights back! During public visiting she attacked Lasayen when he tried to share the branch she was feeding on. Naseku came in between the two as a mediator – she managed to separate them and take Godoma away for a dust bath. They enjoyed this mud bath until the end of the visiting time.

It was so hot at the 3pm private visit today, that when the 19 orphans who came down for this visit came they all participated in a lengthy mud bath, except for Ndotto who only decided to get into the mud bath at the end of the visit! Pea was given some time out with the orphans to browse after it was confirmed the lions were not in the area anymore.

Maxwell in his stockade

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