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<<--  Entry for:  June   13, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  June   13, 2016 Kiko and Pea went out early in the morning with the babies to the forest today. At first Kiko seemed like he didnít want to go out, but he changed his mind and started to follow the group. There was a bit of excitement when a big tortoise came over amongst the babies. The whole herd had gathered together waiting for their 9am milk bottle. When the tortoise came close to Pea the ostrich, she ran at it with her wings spread wide ready to attack. The tortoise of course did not pay any attention to Pea, even when she tried to jump on its back! When Pea moved away a bit Kiko also came over as he was curious too. He spread his front legs apart so he could smell the tortoise. He also then tried to kick it but he kept missing, so he just walked away. The tortoise proceeded on his way, eventually meeting Boromoko and Naseku. They looked down at this, what seemed to be, moving stone, and raised their ears high to charge at it. When they realised it wasnít a stone they turned around and ran away, shouting for help. It took the intervention of the keepers to calm everyone down again because their shouting had scared everyone else!

Balguda is still looking a bit slow and not as active as before. A few minutes before 3pm Kauro stumbled into a pride of sleeping lions again. He has become almost a lion-seeker of late, and the keepers heard him reacting with angry rumbles and trumpeting. The high tone trumpet meant it was something serious and he was not playing around and the keepers ran to him. As the keepers approached him they found the lions resting on the ground and Kauro raising his ears high about to run into the group of lions. As soon as the lions saw the keepers they got up and ran away into the thick bushes. All the other babies were scattered Ė some came to assist Kauro, others ran to look for the baby group. Murit and Galla got confused and slightly lost in the thick bushes and it took a few minutes for the keepers to find them. They were very relieved and happy to see the keepers! Kiko and Pea were taken back to their stables with the lions around and the elephants were taken to the mud bath for their milk and the private visit time.

Pea out early in the day

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