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<<--  Entry for:  June   16, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  June   16, 2016 What an exciting day for Kiko – all of yesterday and today early morning there has been no sign of the lions so he has been out and about in the forest early in the morning with the babies. When he got to the end of Max’s pen his head was raised in the air, smelling that it was safe to go further. It wasn’t long once he decided it was safe that he sped off into the forest. He was running up and down whilst the babies ate their breakfast. The elephants were all crowded together from the babies to the older ones. Kiko was running between them, jumping long and high. Oltaiyoni, Roi and Mbegu got worried about the little babies and the three of them came out of the crowd and separated the babies from the larger group. They stayed with them to protect them from being kicked by the excitable Kiko. His running exercise went on and on without a break until Roi and Oltaiyoni decided to bring his naughty games to an end. They left Mbegu who stayed behind with the babies as they went after him. Kiko, upon seeing the big girls run towards his with their ears spread wide, decided to widen his running pace and run away fast, proving how fast he could run too. Having had to stay in his pen for some time due to the lions around, he was obviously free and happy. The two girls had to call off their chase after a while, and they decided to continue browsing instead. Kiko eventually stopped his running game when the babies went for their milk feed.

The little naughty boy Rapa has actually been quiet for some days now and he has not been picking on anyone. Today however during public visiting, he confirmed that it was only a break in his behaviour and not a complete change! Godoma was playing a little game with Lasayen when Rapa came over and pushed Lasayen over. Godoma sensed danger and left immediately knowing that after Lasayen she might be next. Lasayen was saved by the keepers who separated Rapa from the others and sent him away for his bad behaviour.

Kiko with his keeper

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