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<<--  Entry for:  June   17, 2016  -->>

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Nursery Unit  June   17, 2016 There was a lot of rain last night from about 8pm and this mean Lasayen and Naseku had a bit of a sleepless night. Balguda enjoyed the company of Mbegu, Kauro and Murit this morning. As most of the other orphans kept pushing on deep into the wet bushes, these three decided to stay behind and keep Balguda company, and also have a bit of fun with him too!

Being a Friday, after the 9am milk feed it was time to apply coconut oil to all the orphans – and not everybody likes it! Naseku, Galla and Sana Sana kept their keepers on their toes by running around in every direction before they could put the oil on. A short while later the weather warmed up a bit and Godoma lead Sana Sana, Murit and Ngilai to a mud pool in the forest. These four has a lengthy bath which lasted until it was time to go for their milk and the public visit. There wasn’t quite the same action during the visit though as it started to cloud over, and all the orphans concentrated on browsing rather than bathing in the mud.

Pea, who had spent most of her morning with the older orphans, also decided to accompany them to the public visiting session, though she did not have a very smooth arrival. It is well known that the matriarch of the herd is the one that makes all the decisions and no one is welcomed to the herd without her permission. On their way to the visit, Oltaiyoni was ahead leading the last group to the mud bath area. When she came out of the bushes into the open she stopped and watched the orphans walk past her; Pea was the last one in the line. Oltaiyoni blocked her and sent her back into the forest but Pea played a trick and came around from a different direction. Oltaiyoni ran back to block her once more and Pea pretended to be feeding on the rocks. Oltaiyoni thought she had accomplished her mission but as soon as Pea saw her starting to drink one of her bottles of milk she ran over to join the other orphans who were browsing on the greens laid out around the area. By now nothing could stop her from being with the elephants as the keepers were there to help her with Oltaiyoni, so she was allowed to stay!

Balguda eating in the forest

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