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<<--  Entry for:  June   18, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   18, 2016 What a long night of rain for all the babies. The orphans always stay in their pens until between 6-6.30am, depending on the weather. By 6.30 today though all their stockade doors were wide open but none of them had any interest in coming out – they didn’t want to get wet! Oltaiyoni would even rather not have her milk than walk in the rain. Whilst the elephant orphans were trying to stay out of the downpour, it was the opposite for Maxwell! Max was having a great time in his pen. His stockade was getting very wet and muddy and he was having fun making a lovely mudbath. He had even more fun when a warthog got inside and he tried to chase it away, pretending to charge at it. She became very frightened when she was trying to run away and got stuck in-between the bars of the stockade! Max ran towards her as if he was going to push her through, but instead he turned around and started jumping around in high circles.

The orphans finally started coming out of their stockades at around 7am. Ndotto, well known for his love of climbing, had a lot of fun climbing on tree trunks as soon as he arrived in the forest. Ambo is growing into a very demanding boy, shouting all the time for whatever it is he wants – attention, milk or anything! Today he was following Roi around and bellowing to suckle on her wars like he does with Oltaiyoni, but because she would not let him he went on shouting away.

Oltaiyoni doesn't like the rain

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