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Nursery Unit  June   19, 2016 It was a bright day today when the orphans were heading out to the forest. One very happy and jovial little boy was Jotto in the baby group. He was happy and playing around but unfortunately one of the other babies thought he was going to wrestle with her. She head-butted him badly and the little boy fell down to the ground. He started screaming and his noise reached the ears of Mbegu who was browsing not far away. Mbegu came running to find out what happened to the baby but by the time she reached there the keepers were already helping him up. We are not sure how she knew which baby it was that hurt little Jotto but she went ahead to discipline her, as the keepers tried to call her name to prevent her. She did not pay any attention until the keepers ran to block her. Mbegu in the end decided to take the little naughty one back with her to the main group. As the time drew closer to the main visiting time, Mbegu, Ndotto and Kamok escorted the little one back to her baby group.

The baby group with their keeper

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