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<<--  Entry for:  June   21, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   21, 2016 It was a chilly morning after rain that fell throughout the night right into the morning. The young orphans like Murit shied away from exiting their comfortable stables into the chilly weather and they retreated further inside! Murit then saw all of his friends leaving their stockades and heading out to the bush; but he just stood by his door and shouted as he wanted to join them but was afraid of getting rained on!

It was still raining during public visiting and after the young orphans had drank their milk bottles they ran to the rope cordon to try and stand under some of the umbrellas the visitors were carrying! Clever little Ndotto was so funny as he posed alongside the rope cordon and enjoyed shelter from two different umbrellas he drew even more attention to him as a tried to pull the umbrellas towards him, as if trying to get even more cover for himself. Murit and Ngilai were huddled shoulder to shoulder under one of their keepers umbrellas Murit then started bullying Ngilai so he could have more of the cover to himself! It was so funny when Murit started bellowing when the keeper who was holding the umbrella over him tried to walk away Murit tried to grab hold of his leg with his trunk when he realised he was about to walk off. The visiting public thought this was very funny and they were amazed to see how clever as well as attached to the keepers the orphans are!

Murit didn't want to go out today

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