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<<--  Entry for:  June   27, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   27, 2016 Out in the field early this morning young ones Sana Sana, gentle Murit and Galla as well decided to walk all the way to the little baby group. Jotto found Galla and has a fun time trying to suckle on his ears. When Pea came over though the little baby left Galla and as usual went to suckle on the ostrich’s feathers! Sana Sana tried to chase the ostrich away though as she did not understand that the little babies like the company of the ostrich!

During public visiting Ndotto and Lasayen were their usual playful selves and had wonderful games of rolling on the ground and on each other. At one stage Ndotto was trying to climb on Lasayen’s head as they both rolled on the ground. Rapa came over and tried to interrupt their game, but as soon as he came over and tried to make trouble Dupotto and Mbegu came over and intervened, warning Rapa away from the two playful boys. The visiting school children also watched in awe these two young boys; their first time up close and learning all about elephants which is very important to us too.

Galla wanted to go and find the babies

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