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<<--  Entry for:  June   5, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   5, 2016 At the public visiting hour this morning the first group of orphans were quick to down their milk bottle after which they fed on the greens cut for them by the keepers. Lasayen caught the attention of the visitors when he sat on the water trough, located close to the rope cordon, scratching on the edge of it while they all tried to get a picture. One particular visitor was so busy trying to get a photo that her handbag fell off her shoulder at which point Lasayen grabbed it with his trunk, trying to pull it out of her hands which made everyone laugh.

Godoma and Ngilai enjoyed a strength testing game close to Lasayen during which Ngilai tried to climb on Godoma. Godoma was not happy about this and pushed Ngilai who landed on Lasayen sending both elephants and the water trough tumbling over. Lasayen and Ngilai both cried out which brought Mbegu and Dupotto running to see what was wrong and help them. They helped the two youngsters to their feet. Ngilai was the most in need of help as he seemed unable to keep his balance and kept slipping on the wet earth. The two older girls were finally able to stabilize him and he went on his way.

Lasayen was being so playful today

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