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<<--  Entry for:  June   6, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   6, 2016 It was a quiet start to the morning as the orphans headed out to the browsing fields. At about 8:30 a lion was seen walking in the forest past the point where the orphans were busy browsing on greens. Thankfully it did not stop and the elephants were not even aware of its presence and proximity to them as it passed by.

Later in the morning, at 10am a lioness scared Pea who was enjoying some quiet time with the nursery babies when the warthogs the lioness was chasing ran right through the baby group and past the keepers. As the warthogs tried to get away the lioness charged after them and lept to catch one. It managed to turn at the right moment causing the lioness to land next to Pea who in fear ran towards the keepers who started shouting and waving their arms to scare away the lioness, saving Pea and the warthogs in the process.

As the orphans were leaving the public visit at noon, Sokotei, Oltayoni, Boromoko and Sirimon all came across another lion that was hunkered down in the bushes. The group charged at the lion bush bashing and trumpeting loudly and managed to get it to move away. They then ran to rejoin the rest of the orphan herd but it was a while before they settled down and for about 20 minutes they continued to trumpet and charge around to make sure that the big cat would stay away and thus keep the younger orphans, Murit, Ndotto, Lasayen, Godoma, Rapa, Sana Sana, Ngilai and Mbegu safe. The bigger group then settled down for the rest of the afternoon with the babies knowing that they would all be safer if they stuck together.

Pea had a fright from the lions today

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