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<<--  Entry for:  June   8, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   8, 2016 Over the years we have found that some of the orphan’s behaviour is copied from their older peers. A good example of this is Ndotto who from an early age loved to push and wrestle with his keepers and we believe this comes from the fact that even when little he loved to spend time with the older elephants Enkikwe, Sirimon and Boromoko with whom he used to play pushing and strength testing games. Ndotto is also a good playmate and friend to Kauro.

Since Tusuja was moved up to the older group Ndotto has started playing strength testing games with Rapa, Tusuja’s playmate. Rapa has a reputation as the naughtiest orphan in the nursery herd and can be a bit of a bully so we were not quite sure what Ndotto’s intentions were; it seems that Rapa is now being put in his place a little by Ndotto who is a tough little cookie. This morning Ndotto was able to overpower Rapa and win their strength testing game and despite the keepers trying to keep the two apart Ndotto kept going after Rapa seemingly to try and get Rapa back for all the times he bullied Ndotto, Lasayen, Godoma, Naseku and Galla.

Ndotto loves pushing games!

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