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<<--  Entry for:  June   9, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  June   9, 2016 Sana Sana, who is one of the newer orphans in the nursery, is not yet fully adapted to life at the Nursery and has been causing a few problems for the keepers when the orphans are out in the bush. Sana Sana has yet to form any strong bonds with any of the orphans and is still not 100% trusting of the keepers and often sneaks away to browse deeper in the forest causing panic as the keepers canít find her and have to mount a search. Yesterday afternoon Sana Sana wandered off on her own and was found soil dusting and did not show any interest in the keepers when they found her, and she did not seem to mind being on her own.

Today as the younger orphans were making their way back to the forest after the mudbath Sana Sana separated from the herd and pulled a vanishing act. The keepers began searching for her immediately but it was not until much later in the afternoon that they were able to locate her. The found her sleeping in the forest quite a way away from where the orphans usually liked to browse. She was completely relaxed and oblivious to the trouble and worry she had caused. At first she tried to run away but the keepers were able to get her to follow them back to the stockades by enticing her with a bottle of milk.

Today Balguda spent most of his time in the company of Kamok and Kauro and even tried to accompany them to the mudbath at 11am. The keepers tired to prevent him from doing so as he is not feeling well at the moment and directed him to the baby group. He managed to thwart their attempts however and make his way to the mudbath. Once there he did not want to cross the mud and stream and chose to instead remain browsing in the surrounding area. At the end of the public visit he followed the rest of the group back to the forest.

Sana Sana likes to disappear and browse alone

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