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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Nursery Unit - 6  /  2017

The main event in June was saying farewell to Ukame, Wanjala and Galla from our Nursery as they set off for the next phase of their journey in Tsavo destined to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit stockades early in the month. Ukame got gradually better at getting closer to and finally boarding the relocation lorry during the preparation for the move alongside her friends. Nevertheless on the day all the orphans suspected something was up and became increasingly suspicious and needed to be coerced onto the lorry but there were no delays and by 3.30am they were on their way.

The next day Mbegu, Maramoja, Pare, Lasayen, Rapa, Ndiwa and Mundusi looked rather sad, as they were all dull and subdued clearly missing the company of their older friends. On that day they all browsed close to their keepers and none wanted to walk very far from the group. Later in the month Maramoja, Ndiwa, Mundusi and Mteto regrouped and were back browsing further afield again, now under the leadership of Maramoja and Ndiwa, in the absence of the older Ukame, Wanjala and Galla.

One character that has been predictably stirring up trouble this month is Esampu. We know she is a naughty girl, and despite coming into the Nursery skin and bone as a tiny baby she has been a force of nature from the outset. Sometimes she gets into a very bad mood and then there is nothing even the keepers can do to control her! Sometimes the others just ignore her and walk away but others like Ambo always stand up for themselves and push her back, which is when more serious fights break out! What is interesting though is that despite her grumpiness, Esampu is also growing into a caring girl for the younger babies, particularly for Musiara and Sattao. Tagwa and Maramoja too have been expanding their baby-sitting duties over and above what Godoma, Mbegu, Malima, Tamiyoi and Malkia already do as doting carers of the little ones.

Mteto is another girl that can be a bit grumpy and to date does not show any tenderness towards the babies or lame Luggard either. She especially seems to dislike Luggard and pushes him whenever she comes across him, which of course the Keepers guard against and look to prevent. But for all our grumps in the Nursery herd there are those that like to mess around and make everyone smile too. Ndotto is one of course, but little Jotto is also growing into the next big joker constantly playing and initiating new games. Kuishi and Tamiyoi are two others playful girls, looking to take advantage of situations. For example, Kuishi persistently jumped on Esampuís back when she was playing with a football and kept falling over the ball every time she missed, another day she fell asleep on the top of a soil heap with her front and back legs sticking out to the side. Tamiyoi one day walked quietly up behind Jotto when he was standing on the edge of the mud bath and pushed him in, before turning around and looking quite innocent of the crime!

Malima is quite a strange little girl with her love for mud! Itís natural for elephants to use mud to cool their bodies and sometimes just for fun too, but often she is the only one that will get into the mud hole out of the group, especially when it is a cold morning and none of the others show any inclination, little Malima is predictably there. Baby Musiara seems to love the water just as much and launches in without a care in the world, and sometimes finds himself completely submerged. It falls on the older girls like Godoma and Mbegu to keep an eye on him.

What surprised us somewhat this month was Rapaís reaction to the new arrival from the Mara, Sopat. Unfortunately this little one succumbed to his poor condition towards the end of the month, riddled with worms and blood parasites, but Rapa, who is known to be a bit of a bully, hid inside the stockade compound when all the others went out to the forest in order to communicate through the stockade bars when the little one first arrived. We were quite perplexed but also happy to see him being such a caring boy. Murit is the most caring boy in the Nursery and had enjoyed playing with all the others this month; it is so good to see him so healthy and strong compared to a year ago. He was certainly a struggle to save, but he is now thriving and we have seen so much improvement in this young bull which is a triumph.

Kiko the giraffe has had a few visits from wild giraffe this month. One day a wild female approached him in the stockade compound but he ran away and later, when Kiko did not go out into the forest for a few days, two wild females decided to return and check on him. They walked right up to him before he noticed their presence and then he stood watching them for some time before running off to hide again! This almost two year old boy is still shy around other giraffes.

Our Ex Orphan rhino Solio visited twice this month from the Nairobi National Park which was exciting for our Maxwell. They greeted each other through the bars of his stockade and played by locking horns. The second time Maxwell got so excited that Solio was back he knocked so hard on one of his gates that it broke down! He came wandering out at dawn and surprised the Keepers who found him standing disorientated outside his stockade! Robert and Angela were immediately called and Robert was able to improvise by making use of Maxwellís boma door and with the lure of sugar cane he was quickly back inside his stockade and immediately went to lie down relieved that normality prevailed. Thankfully Solio behaved throughout the drama and remained preoccupied with the lucerne provided for her by the Keepers. 

Photos Taken During this Month for the Nursery Unit

Ukame's lorry training is going well 6/1/2017

Ukame out browsing 6/1/2017

Galla browsing nicely 6/1/2017

Wanjala is so good at going in the lorry 6/1/2017

Malima, Esampu, Tagwa and Lasayen 6/2/2017

Little Jotto 6/2/2017

Malkia playing games 6/2/2017

Musiara and Godoma 6/3/2017

Ambo in a playful mood 6/3/2017

Rapa going to play with Pare 6/3/2017

Ndotto going to play with Kauro 6/3/2017

Naughty little Esampu 6/4/2017

Mbegu with Musiara 6/4/2017

Malkia coming to check on the situation 6/4/2017

Tagwa with Sattao 6/4/2017

Tagwa browsing with baby Sattao 6/4/2017

Mbegu the perfect matriarch of the nursery 6/5/2017

Pare and the others looked a bit down 6/5/2017

Kuishi in a playful mood today 6/5/2017

Esampu infront with Kuishi behind 6/5/2017

Esampu was in a naughty mood again 6/6/2017

Sweet little Kuishi 6/6/2017

All the orphans following their keepers 6/6/2017

Mteto was not very nice to the little one 6/7/2017

Godoma is a very caring figure 6/7/2017

Godoma is a very welcoming figure 6/7/2017

Even Rapa was friendly to the new little one! 6/7/2017

Mteto is in a bad mood recently 6/8/2017

Esampu was also grumpy today 6/8/2017

Jotto with Enkesha 6/8/2017

Godoma came to intervene 6/8/2017

Murit was in a happy playful mood 6/9/2017

Ndotto in a playful mood 6/9/2017

Musiara can be a jealous little boy sometimes 6/9/2017

Ambo following Mbegu 6/9/2017

Tamiyoi was very happy to have a new neighbour 6/10/2017

Sana Sana happy running around 6/10/2017

Godoma playing around 6/10/2017

Kiko is the stockade compound 6/10/2017

Maramoja showed more interest in the babies today 6/11/2017

Tagwa loving baby Sattao too 6/11/2017

Sattao inquiring what Tagwa is eating 6/11/2017

Malima, Jotto and Musiara 6/11/2017

Musiara with Godoma 6/11/2017

Maxwell walking around his stockade 6/12/2017

Max enjoying his yummy lucerne pellets 6/12/2017

Hello Max! 6/12/2017

Enkesha doing so well 6/12/2017

Enkesha playing with a stick 6/12/2017

Orphans out in the bush in their groups 6/13/2017

Tagwa wanted to be in the other group 6/13/2017

Malkia with Maramoja 6/13/2017

Sattao and Musiara in front 6/13/2017

Malima and Jotto 6/14/2017

Malima and Jotto playing 6/14/2017

Tamiyoi wanting to play too 6/14/2017

Maramoja with Godoma 6/14/2017

Kind Murit 6/15/2017

Murit played with playful Rapa 6/15/2017

Ngilai in a playful mood 6/15/2017

Mbegu disciplines the naughty elephants 6/15/2017

Ndiwa starting to browse further afield 6/16/2017

Mteto happy browsing further away now 6/16/2017

Kuishi can be so funny 6/16/2017

Kuishi messing around on the ground 6/16/2017

Pare enjoying some nice leaves 6/17/2017

Pare going to play a pushing game with Mbegu 6/17/2017

Ambo did not like their pushing game 6/17/2017

Ambo wanted to push Pare away 6/17/2017

Maxwell pacing his stockade 6/18/2017

Maxwell spots Solio! 6/18/2017

Max eating lucerne pellets 6/18/2017

Orphans all walking out to browse 6/18/2017

Kauro in a playful mood 6/19/2017

Kauro walking with his keeper 6/19/2017

Lasayen going to roll in the soil 6/19/2017

Malkia rolling in the soil 6/19/2017

Malkia, Malima and Jotto 6/20/2017

Murit went to play with Rapa 6/20/2017

Kiko looking at wild giraffe 6/20/2017

Kiko having his milk bottle 6/20/2017

Mbegu with Musiara 6/21/2017

Musiara browsing with Mbegu 6/21/2017

Luggard wanted to browse with Mbegu too 6/21/2017

Mteto is a very greedy girl 6/21/2017

Malkia didn't want Mteto to have her bottle 6/21/2017

Lasayen was in a playing mood 6/22/2017

Tagwa looking after young Jotto 6/22/2017

Kuishi likes the little babies too 6/22/2017

Ambo always stands up for himself! 6/22/2017

Poor Jotto was pushed as well! 6/22/2017

Ambo caused some drama today over his milk 6/23/2017

Naughty Tagwa stirring trouble 6/23/2017

Tamiyoi felt jealous today 6/23/2017

Ndiwa is a clever little girl 6/23/2017

Happy Musiara 6/24/2017

Musiara going to find Mbegu 6/24/2017

Malima just loves to mud bathe 6/24/2017

Kauro didn't mud bathe today 6/24/2017

Maramoja going to browse 6/24/2017

Jotto was in a fun and playful mood 6/25/2017

Luggard wanted to play too 6/25/2017

Luggard running to catch Jotto 6/25/2017

Sana Sana caused confusion today 6/25/2017

Sana Sana with Malkia 6/25/2017

Ndotto in a playful mood! 6/26/2017

Mbegu going to play with Ndotto 6/26/2017

Lasayen didn't want to play for long with Kauro! 6/26/2017

Murit wanted to play with everyone! 6/26/2017

Sana Sana, Musiara and Malkia 6/26/2017

Tamiyoi playing with Kuishi 6/27/2017

Tamiyoi and Kuishi 6/27/2017

Tamiyoi with Musiara behind 6/27/2017

Mbegu with Ambo 6/27/2017

Sattao with an extra blanket on 6/28/2017

Luggard with Musiara 6/28/2017

Tagwa returned several times with Mbegu & Malkia 6/28/2017

Pare escorted them too once 6/28/2017

Esampu was naughty at visiting today 6/28/2017

Kuishi was apprehensive of Jotto at first 6/29/2017

Kuishi playing around on the ground 6/29/2017

Malima with Jotto 6/29/2017

Luggard leading 6/29/2017

Ngilai went to play with Ambo 6/29/2017

Malima loves the mud so much! 6/30/2017

Ngilai kicking and cutting grass to eat 6/30/2017

Esampu, Murit, Mbegu and Jotto 6/30/2017

Godoma, Musiara and Esampu 6/30/2017
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