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<<--  Entry for:  July   1, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  July   1, 2017 Tusks are part of an elephants set of teeth, like an over-sized incisor, but some of the boys like to use them as a weapon as well. When they start protruding after the age of about 2 years then some of the boys start to feel like they are real bulls and sometimes start to bully some of their friends. Pare is a good example as a few months ago he was such a polite and calm boy and now he has sharp little tusks he uses to push some of the young bulls around. Lasayen used to bully him awhile back but today he was playing with Maramoja when Pare just came over and pushed him! Before he could poke his tusks into his back, Lasayen dodged him, and shouted loudly. Maramoja was not happy with Pare’s behaviour and she drove him away from the herd to save Lasayen.

Little babies will sometimes try to throw their weight around and be bossy; especially when they know there is someone around protect them! Enkesha is a sweet little girl that understands the little babies very well. Today Sattao kept trying to push her and keep her from accessing the water trough whilst they were at mud bath, but she understood that he is just a little one and being bolshie; he did the same to Malima and she reacted in much the same way; just ignoring him!

Pare has some nice tusks

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