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<<--  Entry for:  July   19, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  July   19, 2017 Lately we have been hosting big crowds during the 11am visiting hour due to the high season. To keep the babies calm and settled close to the crowds, the babies have been getting “special treats” like lucerne pellets that they love very much. Some of them are obsessed with the pellets, mainly Tamiyoi, Ndotto, Malima, Mbegu, Mundusi and Murit, and are getting very greedy, refusing to share with the others. Tamiyoi, who is usually a sweet and gentle elephant, changes into a naughty greedy girl around the lucerne pellet handouts. Today she was misbehaving by bullying anyone who tried to stretch their trunk to her and the pellets, with Enkesha and Malima being her primary targets. Eventually, Murit, who is a very disciplined boy, couldn’t tolerate her bad behavior anymore and punished her by making sure she didn’t get any more pellets. Whenever she moved to a different pile of pellets, he was beside her and pushed her away. Enkesha is particularly fond of the keepers during the lucerne handouts and any keeper with pellets in hand is her best friend. However, if they stop hand feeding her she starts screaming and yelling for more and then moves to the next keeper.

The naughty bully girl Mteto was in a bad mood today and during the 3pm feeding and private visiting hour she went around head-butting all the other orphans at any given opportunity. At one point, Kuishi was drinking water from the mud bath and as she stood by the edge, Mteto sneaked up behind her and gave her a powerful head-butt sending her rolling several times into the water. Kuishi shouted and Godoma ran over to help and got into the mud bath to help lift her up. Mteto, knowing she would be disciplined, ran away from the scene.

Malima loves her lucerne pellets

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