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<<--  Entry for:  July   2, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  July   2, 2017 Musiara had a lovely morning wake up call today as Murit and Malkia walked over to knock on his door and wake him. We know that elephants have their own way of communicating and we watched as Murit moved to push on one of the two doors to Musiara’s stable and Malkia moved to the other, emitting a low rumble. Musiara woke up and got up so quickly like one woken from the middle of a dream and ran to the door where Malkia was. He started pushing on it and trying to climb over and with all the fuss the keeper was forced to open the door and let the little boy out early.

During the public visit today Ndiwa and Ndotto sneaked in to the first group to have their milk before their time. Ndotto seems to have been influenced by Ndiwa who is known for sneaking in early to have her milk at feeding times. After they had their bottles which the keepers were obliged to give them, they walked towards the mud bath where the other were playing. Ndiwa pushed Tamiyoi and this really annoyed Ndotto and he drove her away making sure she did not come back to where the babies were playing for the rest of the visit.

Musiara has a lovely morning greeting

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