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Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  July   31, 2017 During the public visit, Enkesha and Jotto were busy challenging each other by shoving, pushing and head butting each other. Their struggle was over who would claim victory over a heap of lucerne pellets that had been placed for them there. Neither one was ready to surrender the pile, so they resorted to all sorts of acts against each other. As Jotto failed to move Enkesha away from the pile, he tried pulling her tail to which she resorted to sitting down right on top of the pellets! Jotto then tried to push her off but Enkesha then lay down on them, leaving Jotto with no other option than to walk away at which point, Enkesha got onto her knees and started to feed on the lucerne. It was funny to watch because as soon as she saw Jotto walk towards the pile she lay down again to avoid him having any!
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