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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Nursery Unit - 7  /  2017

This month, the orphans enjoyed a delicious treat of lucerne pellets during their mud bath, which caused even the quietest babies like Tamiyoi to change into greedy, impolite little girls when these tasty and much relished grass pellets are around. One day we watched as Enkesha and Jotto jostled over the same pile; every time Jotto came close, Enkesha would lie down across the whole pile, denying Jotto access to even a little. In the mornings Mbegu, Murit and Tamiyoi run between all the stockades of their friends gathering up as many left over pellets as they can in a great game to dodge the keepers trying to herd them out to the forest.

Itís been great to watch Murit initiate pushing games against fellow bulls Rapa, Lasayen, Ngilai and even Kauro as we see his health improve in leaps and bounds. Murit has always been smaller than his age mates, due to illness, but he is so much better now and a healthy young bull, giving us all reason to smile when he plays his games. Rapa, who is a well-known naughty boy, is now Muritís favourite playmate and Murit uses his full strength when he challenges him. Kauro, who returned to the Nursery from Ithumba at the end of May to receive treatment for a suspected blood parasite, is now as playful as ever and feeling much better. He will be moved back down to Tsavo in the fullness of time, once we are quite sure he is fully recovered and not at risk of illness again. Pareís little tusks have started to protrude this month and consequently, this previously quiet boy thinks of himself as a big bull now, using them to push some of the other bulls around in the Nursery; needless to say, the older females keep an eye out and keep him in line! In contrast Ngilai, who normally likes to push others around, albeit not maliciously, was very caring of the young babies Musiara and Sattao this month which was very nice to see.

Enkesha is a sweet and patient girl who likes to look after the babies; even when they are in a pushing mood she will never retaliate or push back as she knows they are young. We are amazed at how well her trunk is healing considering she very nearly lost it in a wire snare just six months ago. Tagwa loves the babies too but has realised that the other girls including Esampu, Godoma, Malkia, Malima and Sana Sana will argue over who gets to mother little Musiara, leaving her solely to dote on Sattao and receive all his love and attention. Godoma is also showing very strong maternal instincts, always there to support the younger babies if they need anything, and we are sure she will make a good matriarch one day.

As it has been very cold moving into July and August the babies have been going out with extra blankets on to keep warm with the herd. Sana Sana has occasionally been browsing separately with Ndiwa and Mundusi away from the group and though it is rare to find her charging at or bullying anyone, one day decided to discipline Mteto when she found her shouting for no reason after having her milk; she does not tolerate this kind of nonsense and will always put a stop to it.

Lately, little girl Ndiwa and bull Mundusi have been behaving cheekily during the morning mud bath and are always up to new tactics to outwit their keepers. One day, when they witnessed the first group of orphans being led to the public visiting hour, they stayed close to each other and pretended to browse in the opposite direction, when in fact they were trying to move away from the keepers so that they could make a break for it and run down early for their bottles! They are two very greedy little elephants who just cannot wait in the bush patiently for their milk.

Ex Orphan rhino Solio visited twice again this month to say hello to Maxwell and her old keepers, as well as indulge in the lucerne which is laid out for her by her old friends. Maxwell is always happy to see her and they played through the bars of his stockade. One day, however, their game went a little too far and Solio sprayed urine in Maxwellís face which sent him off in a charging frenzy around his stockade and Solio ran back into the forest. The elephant orphans also initiate games with Maxwell, especially in the morning when they come out of their stockades and try to steal some of his leftover lucerne sticking out of his gate. They run up and down outside his pen whilst he does the same on the inside, right up until when the orphans go out to the forest and Max turns his attention to the warthogs that are usually in his pen trying to steal some of his lucerne as well!

Naughty Kiko enjoyed teasing the elephants this month by bolting out of his stable some mornings and running at them as they browsed in the forest. The older girls like Sana Sana, Godoma and Mbegu do not stand for it however, and charge back at him with their ears raised and trumpeting too; they are very protective of the little babies! Kiko always turns tail and runs back to the safety of the stockade compound, rather than feel the wrath of these defensive girls.

Towards the end of the month on the 21st, we rescued a baby from Tsavo West who was very stressed but settled down as soon as he met his neighbor, Enkesha, who pulled her mattress to the wall separating their two stockades to reassure and sleep beside him for the rest of the night. He eventually settled down well into the nursery and we called him Maktao after the area of Maktau where he was found.

Photos Taken During this Month for the Nursery Unit

Pare has some nice tusks 7/1/2017

Lasayen was picked on today 7/1/2017

Enkesha is a lovely little girl 7/1/2017

Sattao with Enkesha 7/1/2017

Musiara has a lovely morning greeting 7/2/2017

Malkia wanted to wake Musiara up 7/2/2017

Ndiwa sneaked ahead to have his bottle first 7/2/2017

Ndotto sneaked in to 7/2/2017

Godoma with Musiara 7/3/2017

Murit was a bit naughty today 7/3/2017

Esampu was being naughty as well 7/3/2017

Jotto was being curious 7/3/2017

Jotto did not sleep well last night 7/4/2017

Tamiyoi did not pay much attention 7/4/2017

Esampu wanted to play 7/4/2017

Max decided to play too! 7/4/2017

Mbegu has developed the same greedy habit! 7/5/2017

Lasayen used to come down too early for milk 7/5/2017

Tamiyoi having her milk 7/5/2017

Esampu running as she was left behind 7/6/2017

Sattao with Esampu 7/6/2017

Luggard walking out to the forest 7/6/2017

Sana Sana sometimes disciplines the others 7/6/2017

Ngilai was a nice boy today 7/7/2017

Musiara was annoyed with Sattao 7/7/2017

Enkesha is good at finding her way 7/7/2017

Sweet little Ambo 7/7/2017

Rapa drinking 7/8/2017

Murit looking so nice and healthy 7/8/2017

Kauro, Lasayen and Rapa 7/8/2017

Kauro, the big boy in the Nursery 7/8/2017

Tagwa loves to mother Sattao 7/9/2017

Tagwa and little Sattao 7/9/2017

Malima with her little Musiara 7/9/2017

Godoma, Musiara and Luggard 7/10/2017

Tamiyoi after milk feeding 7/10/2017

Musiara before soil bathing 7/10/2017

Maxwell was very happy this morning 7/11/2017

Maxwell had to go for a rest 7/11/2017

Orphans drinking out in the forest 7/11/2017

Mbegu is greedy for the lucerne pellets! 7/12/2017

Sana Sana never finishes her pellets 7/12/2017

Ndiwa out in the bush 7/12/2017

Pare going to play a pushing game 7/13/2017

Ndotto was in a playful mood 7/13/2017

Lasayen going to play 7/13/2017

Kuishi charging around! 7/14/2017

Ndiwa, Tagwa and Esampu drinking 7/14/2017

Mteto messing around 7/14/2017

Rapa soil dusting 7/14/2017

Kiko before exiting his stockade 7/15/2017

Kiko looking at Maxwell 7/15/2017

Maramoja scaring Kiko away 7/15/2017

Maramoja with Tamiyoi behind 7/15/2017

Esampu running around 7/16/2017

Esampu messing around 7/16/2017

Esampu having all the fun 7/16/2017

Rapa dusting during mud bath as well 7/16/2017

Kauro went to play with Ndotto 7/17/2017

Ndotto going to play with Kauro 7/17/2017

Mbegu didn't like to see the boys fighting 7/17/2017

Ndiwa tries to trick the keepers  7/18/2017

Mundusi is naughty like Ndiwa! 7/18/2017

Mundusi making a break for early feeding! 7/18/2017

Malima loves her lucerne pellets 7/19/2017

Mundusi and Murit like the lucerne pellets too 7/19/2017

Enkesha's trunk healing so well 7/19/2017

Malima in a pushing kind of mood 7/20/2017

Jotto in a playful mood as well 7/20/2017

Max going to play with the orphans 7/20/2017

Mteto was a naughty girl this morning 7/20/2017

Jotto doesn't like the warthogs 7/21/2017

Esampu helped to chase the warthogs 7/21/2017

The warthogs annoyed Ngilai 7/21/2017

Enkesha was so welcoming of the new baby 7/22/2017

Musiara in his blanket 7/22/2017

Musiara with Esampu 7/22/2017

Kauro enjoying a drink at mud bath 7/22/2017

Rapa enjoying his milk bottle 7/23/2017

Ndiwa followed Rapa's example 7/23/2017

Orphans drinking at mud bath 7/23/2017

Sweet Maxwell sleeping beside his gate 7/24/2017

Maktao, Godoma and Tagwa 7/24/2017

All the orphans walking out to the forest 7/24/2017

Ambo gets all of Mbegu's attention 7/25/2017

Malkia with a little baby 7/25/2017

Tagwa, Sattao and Maramoja 7/25/2017

Maktao joining the others in the forest 7/26/2017

Maramoja with a little one 7/26/2017

Kuishi, Jotto and Esampu 7/26/2017

Luggard with Kuishi 7/26/2017

Malima and Jotto 7/27/2017

Tagwa was acting as mediator 7/27/2017

Kiko by Maxwell's stockade 7/27/2017

It was cold so blankets were needed by the babies 7/28/2017

Ndotto browsing 7/28/2017

Tamiyoi browsing in the bushes 7/28/2017

Pare wanted to steal some lucerne 7/29/2017

Maxwell defending his pellets from warthogs! 7/29/2017

Kauro, Pare and Lasayen 7/29/2017

Mteto looked for extra lucerne 7/30/2017

Malkia, Sattao and Esampu 7/30/2017

Malkia, Sattao and Tagwa 7/30/2017

Malkia with Maktao 7/30/2017
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