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<<--  Entry for:  August   14, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  August   14, 2017 Sattao decided to hang out with Kauro, Ndotto, Ndiwa and Maramoja this morning, which is quite unusual for him as he normally doesn’t stray too far from his keepers. He spent a long time with them in the thicket under the care of Maramoja; it is very good for him to learn new social skills from his older friends.

Mactau really loves the milk formula it seems and he fights to get to the milk feeding area in the forest; he has them all marked and knows the milk feeding time too. Having given the keepers trouble around the wheelbarrow carrying the milk over the last few days, today they decided to feed him at the milk point last after all the others. That still didn’t help very much as he is a big complainer and he still fought with Lasayen who he arrived with to have their bottles. Lasayen is not overly friendly with the young ones so was happy to push him back but a strong warning from Mbegu (who was close by trying to suck up spilt milk which she enjoys) prevented this. With Mbegu around no milk will ever go to waste – she is not a greedy girl but she enjoys collecting up every drop of spilt milk and in the wheelbarrow too, but she will never steal a bottle! Malkia was with Mbegu and copying her to suck up all the spilt milk with their trunks like a vacuum.

Sattao decided to go with the older orphans today

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