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<<--  Entry for:  August   15, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  August   15, 2017 Today out in the forest the naughty girl Mteto learnt a lesson when you stray too far. She thought she would be like the older boys Ndotto and Kauro who like to browse alone sometimes and away from the others, but when Mteto tried this today she met a herd of five buffalos who scared her away! She came running out of the bushes very fast and yelling for help and she ran back to the group, but none of the group paid any attention to her as she squeezed her way into the middle. The buffalos seem to be on their way to feed on Maxwell’s leftover lucerne pellets which are discarded in the forest and they thought they were nearly there but they had not seen the older orphans. Mbegu spotted them and gave them a warning but they kept walking towards the orphans so Mbegu alerted the other members of the herd with a loud trumpet and a low rumble. Esampu, Ndotto and Godoma responded to her call for reinforcement and came charging out of the bushes from different directions. Ndotto led the group of four to drive the buffalos back into the bushes and away from the others. The family all celebrated as the four returned triumphantly trumpeting and stamping their feet.

Today on the way to the mud bath Musiara and Sattao were walking beside the keepers when Musiara saw Sattao wanting to overtake him. He stopped and blocked him from passing and although he would allow others to pass he held Sattao back. When the keepers turned to see what he was doing he pretended to browse on the bushes but when they carried on walking he went to block Sattao again and in the end, Sattao had to dodge him and go around the bushes to get past!

Mteto was scared by the buffalo

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